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Publication Details

Publication Title: Record Number of Children Covered by Health Insurance in 2011
Region: National
Publication Type: Issue Brief
Publication Number: 60
Publication Date: February 5, 2013
Publication PDF: Download PDF

Using data from the 2008 through 2011 American Community Survey, this brief describes rates of children’s health insurance coverage nationally, by region, and place type (that is, rural, suburban, and central city). In addition, it details the composition of coverage in the United States, specifically the proportion of children covered by private and public insurance. Author Michael Staley reports that rates of insurance coverage for children under age 18 increased from 90 percent in 2008 to 92.5 percent in 2011 and that the proportion of children covered by public health insurance increased substantially for the fourth consecutive year in every kind of place—rural, suburban, and in central cities. Rates of private insurance coverage among children decreased for the fourth consecutive year. Staley discusses how possible cuts to federal insurance programs could impact children's coverage, in addition to policy considerations for increasing the overall rate of insurance.

Author(s) Michael J. Staley
Category(s) Health, Vulnerable Families