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Publication Details

Publication Title: It Takes a Community: Civic Life and Community Involvement Among Coös County Youth
Region: New Hampshire and New England
Publication Type: Issue Brief
Publication Number: 32
Publication Date: October 16, 2012
Publication PDF: Download PDF

This brief explores the extent to which Coös County youth are involved in a variety of civic-related activities, with particular attention to the demographic and attitudinal factors associated with such participation. Author Justin Young reports that approximately 75 percent of Coös County youth report involvement in at least one type of civic-related activity. The types of activities varied by year in school. Eighth grad¬ers were more involved in 4-H, Scouts, church groups, and community center events, while twelfth graders volunteered more often and participated in community-service clubs. Forty percent of youth volunteered within the past year, and a third are part of a community service club. He concludes that engaging youth in local civic activities is an important part of integrating them into the community and providing them with a set of civic skills they can draw on in adulthood.

Author(s) Justin R. Young
Category(s) Civic Engagement, New Hampshire and New England