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Publication Details

Publication Title: Underemployment in Urban and Rural America, 2005-2012
Region: National
Publication Type: Issue Brief
Publication Number: 55
Publication Date: November 13, 2012
Publication PDF: Download PDF

Author Justin Young reports that underemployment (or involuntary part-time work) rates doubled during the second year of the recession, reaching roughly 6.5 percent in 2009. This increase was equally steep in both rural and urban places. By March of 2012, underemployment was slightly lower in rural places (4.8 percent) compared to urban places (5.3 percent). Prior to the recession, however, underemployment was slightly higher in rural America. Workers under age 30, as well as women, black, and Hispanic workers, continue to experience higher levels of underemployment. Underemployment is strongly linked with education, with the least educated workers experiencing higher rates of underemployment compared to more highly educated workers. This relationship is somewhat weaker in rural places.

Author(s) Justin R. Young
Category(s) Rural America, Vulnerable Families