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Publication Details

Publication Title: Youths' Opinions About Their Opportunities for Success in Coös County Communities
Region: New Hampshire and New England
Publication Type: Fact Sheet
Publication Number: 6
Publication Date: September 25, 2012
Publication PDF: Download PDF

This fact sheet examines Coös County youths’ beliefs about their access to educational and occupational opportunities in their home communities and whether these beliefs relate to their expectations for the future. To do so, author Erin Hiley Sharp draws on the Coös Youth Study data collected in 2011 from 318 eleventh graders in the public schools. Overall, Coös County youths’ opinions about the educational and occupational opportunities available in their home communities are somewhat positive but youths do perceive areas of concern. Youths’ perceptions of opportunities are fairly similar across the three regions of Coös County; however, those youths living in communities that have experienced the most significant job losses (Berlin and Gorham) seem to be aware of decreased opportunities. Youths’ perceptions of available opportunities matter for their future expectations. Coös County youths who perceive less educational and occupational opportunities in their home communities also report less confidence that they will graduate from high school and college.

Author(s) Erin Hiley Sharp
Category(s) New Hampshire and New England