Stonyfield Entrepreneurship Institute




Great panels and insight especially on the financial side.  I'm already looking forward to next year!

- Catherine Mangan Walsh, NY Superfoods, Inc.

It was a very productive conference.  Great people and insights.  Thanks for including me in the mix.

- Jonathan Smiga

Big trip from CA – but worthwhile. Gained insight/perspective.

- Sandra Ann Harris, ECOlunchbox





You quickly introduced me to terms I need to know and a good start to how to approach our funding problems.  Very valuable.

- Miles Masci, Perfect Fuel Chocolate

I absolutely loved the experience at SEI and have been raving about it to many people. My biggest insight from the event was gaining clarity on where I should focus my company.

- Matt Zembruski, Juti Bar

Thank you so, so much!  The conference was nothing short of invaluable. We will definitely keep the information learned in mind as we write a business plan and have hired [someone] to assist us with the financial modeling.

- Claire Theobald, Beatrix New York



We had a blast. It was motivational for us!

- Patti Brennan-MacMillan, Breakwind Farm

We always get so much out of SEI!  We left there fired up and ready to change the world, or at least our small part of it!  I'm always amazed at the information the panelists bring to the table!

- Beth Hodge, Echo Farm Puddings