Michael J. Staley

Michael J. Staley
Research Assistant
Doctoral Student, Department of Sociology

Michael J. Staley is a research assistant at the Carsey Institute and a PhD student in the department of Sociology at the University of New Hampshire. Michael joined the Carsey Institute in the winter of 2011 and conducts research on health in vulnerable families. Michael focuses on health insurance rates and disparities between rural and other place types, access to care, and health outcome differences among children, adolescents and young adults.

Michael is active in the University community; he serves on the President’s Commission on the Status of GLBT Issues, lectures on HIV/AIDS and homophobia, and served two terms as the Clerk of the Graduate Student Senate. In 2006, Michael earned his baccalaureate degree in political science and sociology from Carroll College in Helena, Montana. Michael hails from Dillon, Montana.

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