Tracking Changes in the North Country


To take our 2013 survey:

Thanks to everyone who participated in 2011/12! Our 2013 survey is now underway. You can get in touch with us for information about the survey at any time—message us on Facebook, email us at, or call (603) 862-1012.

  • If you’re a senior at a Coös County public high school and you took our survey in February, thank you for your participation!
  • If you’re from the Coös County class of 2009, keep an eye out for emails and Facebook posts from the Coös Youth Study beginning in March 2013. Please let us know at any time if your email address has changed!
  • If you are in the class of 2013 and have participated before, but have since transferred to another school outside of Coös County, please contact us and we’ll send you a questionnaire electronically or by mail. See “To keep in touch” below for our contact information.

To keep in touch:

As participants in this study, it’s really important that you let us know when you move, change your phone number, or change your email address. Keeping in touch becomes even more important as you finish high school and move on to work or college, or if you and your family leave the area. Here are three ways you can update your information:

Class of 2013 student representatives:

We asked our class of 2013 participants if they would like to represent the youth study in their local communities to help us stay in touch with their classmates and get the word out when we have news to share, and eighty-seven students volunteered! Thanks to all of you for getting involved. If you haven’t already, please friend us on Facebook where we’ve created a group just for you.

The Coös Youth Study is about you!

The Coös Youth Study is an opportunity to have your voice heard. Schools, organizations, and local governments want to know about your experiences in Coös County so that they can better respond to needs and interests of people your age. To do that, they need to hear from you! Please continue to take our surveys and contact us any time with questions and comments.